Friday, 7 April 2017

Emperor Kiri

JAMB Releases Full Guidelines On How To Check MOCK Examination Details

Below are the full guidelines released by jamb on how to check mock examination details
STEP1: You will receive a message that says "Kindly check your JAMB profile email address to know your examination center, seat number and time.
STEP2: Kindly log in to your Email, you will see a new message titled "MOCK Examination Slip"

STEP3: As soon as you open the message you will see the word "attachments"

STEP4: Click on the word "attachments" then, click on the word "Registration_Slip.PDF" in order to see your full details

STEP5: Then, the last thing You should do is to visit the nearest (CAPE) in your area and print-out the slip.
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