Friday, 27 January 2017

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Gambian President Adama Barrow Makes Triumphant Entry Into Gambia

President Adama Barrow returned triumphantly to Gambia amid tight security on Thursday, nearly two months after winning an election disputed by the country's longtime dictator, to the cheers of hundreds of thousands who jammed the roads in welcome.
"That's my president!" the crowds cried, eager to see Barrow fulfill the promise of democratic reforms and newfound freedoms in this tiny West African nation.
Barrow stood out of the roof of his vehicle and waved as he slowly made his way on a tour of the city and back to his home. "I am a happy man today," Barrow told The Associated Press amid the crush of his arrival. "I think the bad part is finished now."

He promised to get his Cabinet in place and "then get the ball rolling," adding that a commission would be set up to address reconciliation. 

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