Monday, 23 January 2017

Emperor Kiri

Criminals Can’t Wait To Be Arrested By This Sexy New York Cop

Meet New York sexy cop Samantha Sepulveda, a local police officer who doubles as a lingerie and swimsuit model. Her sexy poses have garnered more than 110,000 followers on her @sammysep Instagram page.

Samantha is 32 and earns $143,000 per year according to New York government website. “I talk men into handcuffs all the time because they don’t want to fight me,” she told The Post. She joined the force in 2010. About three years later, a friend who worked for a lingerie and swimsuit company invited her to model in a runway fashion show and launched her new career.

When on duty, she works makeup-free with her hair pulled back in a bun and a uniform covering her curves. “I try to look as masculine as possible,” she said. 

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