Tuesday, 7 June 2016

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Stop Using Delay Tactics Judge Blasts Dasuki's Lawyer

Justice Hussein Baba Yusuf of an Abuja High Court has lambasted the former President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) and defense counsel to the former national security adviser Mr. Joseph Dauda SAN over the use of delay tactics

The trial slated for monday could not however go ahead as senior lawyers present in court persuaded the judge to adjourn the trial to calm down the frayed nerves.
Recall that Dasuki through Dauda had filed a new application to consolidate the charges against him in two Abuja High Courts.

He claimed that the charges in the two courts constituted abuse of court process because they have same facts and figure and that he would be prejudiced if the two courts try him simultaneously.

However, immediately Daudu introduced the motion, Justice Baba Yusuf became angry and challenged him on what his client would suffer should the two courts go ahead with the trial.

The judge said
“If you think the mission of this new motion is to delay the trial, I can assure you that it has already failed. I know your antecedents in this type of cases, filing frivolous, baseless and un-warranted motions to frustrate the court and trial of your client. I know the next motion you will file will be to ask me to withdraw or disqualify myself from this case, I will not succumb to your old fashion of doing things. It will not work in my court. I have over-indulged you and I am ready to go ahead with this trial today. I cannot be coming here to waste my time, I have granted you enough respect, this application is a disrespect to me. I have known you for certain things, if you have a court where people will dance to your tune, go to that court. I am not ready to dance to your tune. You are here with a dishonest motive as far as this motion is concern. The whole target is to frustrate the trial, but you will fail.
Attempt by Daudu to complain of insult from Jacobs to the Judge was rebuffed when Justice Baba Yusuf said “for your information a junior counsel can advise a senior one and that is my position.

“I have been accommodating all sort of nonsense, yet you are not ready to respect me. You are disgracing me as one who does not know what he is doing here. You are subjecting me and this court to public disgrace. When you come to court people are watching and we must behave, that is my advice for you.

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