Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Emperor Kiri

Not even 10 million soldiers would have stopped Stephen Keshi's death - Brother

His brother, Ado says the Delta state born coach was destined to die and nothing would have stopped his death.

He Said:

“It is true, my brother has passed on. He has gone to meet his wife,” said Emma Ado. It’s very painful, but it is what God has destined. Not even 10 million soldiers would have stopped it. But we give glory to God.” 
Keshi never recovered from the death of Kate; they were inseparable. He has gone to meet Kate. Since the wife died Keshi has kept on mourning and has been in sorrow. All these time Keshi has been acting, giving the impression that he was fine and man enough to bear the sorrow but the truth actually is that he was down and in pain over the death of his wife.
From companionship to cooking and other domestic matters nobody could be like his wife to him; they were irreplaceable. The man just went to join her”, he added.

Emperor Kiri

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