Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Emperor Kiri

'I'll spare black people because they've suffered enough:' Orlando club-goer reveals what gunman shouted

One of the survivors of the nightclub shooting says she went from having the time of her life with her friends to the worst night of her life in a matter of minutes. Twenty-year-old Patience Carter was partying with her friends Akyra Murray, 18, and Tiara Parker, at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida Saturday night when gunman Omar Mateen opened fire and killed 49 revelers in the gay club - including Murray, the youngest victim.

During a press conference on Tuesday at Florida Hospital Orlando, Carter recalled her memories of the shooting, read a poem about her survivor's guilt and revealed previously unreported details about how the gunman - including the fact that he promised not to shoot any black people because they had 'suffered enough'. 

Emperor Kiri

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