Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Emperor Kiri

Former India Minister Want Nigerians Banned From Entering India

Former Goa chief minister Ravi S Naik on Tuesday demanded the Centre to ban Nigerians from entering India while alleging that they indulge in illegal activities.

"The Nigerians come here in Delhi, in Bengaluru and do 'dadagiri' in the entire country. The Nigerians should be asked to leave India, we don't want Nigerian tourists. The Government of India should ban Nigerians from entering India," Naik told ANI. He further stated that if the Nigerians come to India to study then the state government and the police should keep a strict watch on them. If they have come to study here, a watch should be kept on them to see whether they really study and go to colleges. They don't study, rather they indulge in illegal activities," he added.
Referring to the Nigerians with the pejorative 'Negroes', the senior Congress leader also said that the Nigerians have been causing 'problems' in Goa as well other metropolitan cities.

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