Sunday, 8 November 2015

Emperor Kiri

Meet Former President Obasanjo's Son Who Works With Microsoft

His name is Dare Obasanjo and he is a Microsoft software Engineer.

He leads the program management for the Bing Ads applications team. His team is responsible for the advertising platform that is the bedrock of the Yahoo Bing (and AOL) Network's multi-billion dollar search ads marketplace. Part of the team that took Bing from a perennial money loser to $1B in quarterly revenue and profitability.

Not only does his team set the direction of the product and partner with our engineering team, they also focus on driving the success of our ad sales and support teams with similar deep partnerships.

The family of products Dare's team is responsible for include
• The Bing Ads Editor
• The Bing Ads API (
• Bing Ads mobile apps (iOS, Android & Windows

Emperor Kiri

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