Friday, 30 October 2015

Emperor Kiri

Floyd Mayweather Hits a Stripclub, Drops $50,000

Newly-retired Floyd Mayweather hit the streets with hundreds of thousands of dollars - and could even afford to misplace some on his big night out.

With so much time on his hands, newly-retired Floyd Mayweather just doesn’t know what to do.

So after ending his boxing career with a record-equalling 49 wins and no defeats, “Money” as he is known has started redistributing his wealth it seems. He posted a picture of himself on Instagram carrying armfuls of cash around a nightclub – and there are reports that he even dropped $50,000 at a stripclub on the same night.

Mayweather made $100m from one fight alone – against Manny Pacquiao – and although he’s not short of a few bob, the cash-loving fighter might even be open to a rematch as he bids to replace that misplaced wad of cash. The picture comes not long after Mayweather revealed he had purchased a "supercar" valued at $3.5 million.



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