Tuesday, 6 January 2015

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Check Out Floyd Mayweather's $6 Million Exotic Car Collection

Floyd Mayweather, Jr.'s nickname is "Money" for a good reason. He's practically made of cash. According to Forbes, the flamboyant boxing legend made more than $105 million in 2014 alone. 

Money Mayweather recently tweeted out photo of his jet along with a collection exotic cars with the words "Welcome to my world."

 For those who are curious, here's a breakdown of everything in Money's photo — and their approximate values:
A. Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano — $350,000
B. Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet —  $170,000
C. Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 — $400,000
D. Ferrari 458 Italia Spider — $260,000
E. Floyd "Money" Mayweather — networth est. $280 million.
F.  Ferrari 458 Italia Spider — $260,000
G. Gulfstream GIII — est. $2 million.
H. Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport — $1.9 million
I. Bugatti 16.4 Veyron — $1.3 million
J. Bugatti 16.4 Veyron —  $1.3 million

The total value of Mayweather's exotic car collection is roughly $5.94 million. For a guy with an estimated networth of more than $280 million, this is a drop in the bucket. After all, we're talking about the same guy who reportedly keeps $123 million in a single bank account. 
Mayweather doesn't claim to be an automotive collector in the same realm as a Jay Leno or a Jerry Seinfeld. Rather, he seems to be a guy who enjoys having nice things around — multiple copies of the same nice things.
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