Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Anti car theft solution uses a simple SMS to stop thieves in their tracks

This anti-theft solution is the latest service offered from Kenyan entrepreneur Kelvin Macharia Kuria, founder of Nairobi-based car security company Sunrise Tracking.

The product on offer from Macharia's startup has a three-pronged approach: GPS tracking, CCTV and lastly, it offers clients the ability to disable the vehicle's engine remotely.

Macharia says: "Anytime you have installed a tracking system in a vehicle we can be able to track the vehicle using our fleet management system. Also the client has access to his or her own account to see how the vehicle is moving, from what point to the next, to get reports from where the vehicle has been moving from."
But it's the ability to disable the engine remotely via SMS that makes this security solution stand out.
"Once a stop command has been sent to the vehicle, the hardware understands the language of that command and immediately cuts acceleration fuel function," says Macharia. "The vehicle immobilizes immediately until a resume command is send to mobilize back the car."

"The reason as to why I decided to venture into the business of security is simply because immediately after high school one of my relatives was carjacked," explains the 23-year-old IT developer. "And it was unfortunate we were not able to recover the vehicle," he continues.

He said, "I thought I could come up with a way to track the vehicle, and once they're stolen it's easy to recover them. Years later when I started my business, our office was broken into most of our electronics were stolen. It came to my mind we also need a solution for such a thing."